[R&D Project] ShonanFutureVerse: Super-Resolution Backcasting CPS Platform Based on Virtual City Future Vision


Focusing on the “future image” of sustainable and resilient urban development, we will construct a future city information infrastructure that operates in a backcast-oriented manner, starting from the “future image” created, edited, and shared in a virtual space by diverse people, and conduct a wide-area demonstration in the Shonan area of southern Kanagawa Prefecture, particularly in terms of the environment and disaster prevention. By orchestrating urban cyber-physical systems, we will effectively utilize the Beyond 5G network to link cyber and physical systems, and to cooperatively operate between different types of systems to create an infrastructure technology that can generate, deliver, and present super-resolution information that contributes to changes in human behavior in real time and in an adaptive manner. This will create a fundamental technology to generate, distribute, and present super-resolution information that contributes to changing human behavior in real time and adaptively.


NTT East Japan (Representative Proposer)
Keio University
Kyoto University
The University of Tokyo
i-Transport Lab. Co., Ltd
Kadinche Corporation
Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd


R&D Item 1 Creation of Future Cities
R&D Item 1.1) Virtual Future City Creation Technology (Kadinche Co., Ltd.)
R&D Item 1.2) Super-resolution Virtual Future City Data Analysis (The University of Tokyo)
R&D Item 1.3) Generation of Super-resolution Virtual Future City Data (I-Transport Lab Co., Ltd.)

R&D Item 2 Backcasting-oriented Cyber-physical System
R&D Item 2.1) Backcasting (Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology)
R&D Item 2.2) Cyber-Physical Loop (Kyoto University)

R&D Item 3 Futurization of The Present City
R&D Item 3.1) Super-resolution Orchestrated Urban Sensing (Keio University SFC)
R&D Item 3.2) Information Generation and Distribution for Behavior Modification (Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd)

R&D Item 4 Creation of Shonan FutureVerse
R&D Item 4.1) Demonstration During Normal Times (NTT East Japan)
R&D Item 4.2) Emergency Demonstration (NTT East Japan) (Kyoto University)